Yes! ACE’S ODDS, the first book in my new series, is unleashed!

This was one of those projects that took a while to come together, but when it did, whew! Zoom! It actually ended up as two stories because by the time I finished the first one, I realized there had been another one simmering under the surface, so… bonus story!

This all started because I had to write a freebie for the September Feed Your EReader newsletter (subscribe here). Because I’m me, I was fussing about it on Facebook. One of the stories I was contemplating developing was going to be too big for the newsletter. It was basically a space opera. Well, Maggie Lynch’s ears perked up and she invited me to play in the brand new Obsidian Rim world that she and Jessa Slade had developed.

You know me. I don’t say “no” to opportunities where I get to work with authors I’ve been reading and admiring for years, so… off I went!

I recently watched a short video about astronaut Ronald McNair, who perished aboard the Challenger mission. My favorite quote was from his brother, who said that whereas he watched the then-new Star Trek series as science fiction, Ronald saw it as science possibility.

I love that. I love how people can take ideas from their imaginations and make them real. Let’s face it, those flip phones we think are so old-fashioned now? That’s a Star Trek communicator. You can’t convince me it’s not. And we’re past that now.

While I sincerely hope we don’t implode our galaxy several thousand years from now (I’m not holding my breath), I love that the idea behind the world is that we stubborn, hard-headed, inventive humans find a way to survive out on the edges. And not just live there, but find love, too.

So welcome to my section of the Obsidian Rim. Take a gamble with your heart!

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