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A MOST WANTED WOLF (Wolves of Fenrir #2)

A spy and a werewolf walk into a firefight… Whose ass do they kick?

Andrew Wyatt thinks all he has to do is bring a scientist back into the fold. He doesn’t count on a sizzling hot alien wolf shifter getting in his way, and getting under his skin.

The last thing Ule tärEinar needs is a tall blond spy interfering with her life. She may not trust Andrew, but that doesn’t stop the sparks from flying around them.

The trust is hard won, and they’ll need each other to survive an invasion that could draw their two allied cultures into a war neither can afford.

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In most fairy tales, the prince rescues the princess.

It’s not often she gets to return the favor.


Mai Westenra is pulled into a centuries-old quest for vengeance and magic, never realizing that she’ll find love in the midst of danger.

Tyr Halvarsson has waited lifetimes to be rid of his curse. Resigned to his immortal half-life, one selfless act of humanity can redeem him. Or kill him.

Together, Mai and Tyr must work against time and magic to perform the runespell that will save their lives and give them a chance at love that lasts.

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A WOLF TO WATCH OVER ME (Wolves of Fenrir #1)

In a future Earth, sometimes the Big Bad Wolf is the good guy. 


Hakon sidUlfr, a wolf shifter from another world, is better at killing than guarding, but quiet physicist Lauren Ivers will need all of his skills if they’re going to live through the day.

Lauren should be at home, reading and eating take-out. Instead, she’s on the run with the bodyguard she didn’t know she had in a desperate bid to get off the planet before she becomes a casualty in an intergalactic cold war.

Hakon’s deep instinct to protect the smart-mouthed scientist keeps her alive, but will she stay with him once his duty is done?

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