In addition to writing, I’m a wife to a Darn Near Perfect Husband and mom to Two Great Kids. They used to be the Monkey children, but they seem to have settled down a bit. (That’s going to come back and bite me on the butt as soon as you read this!)

I have a BA in French (utterly useless, but fun at parties) and another BA in Communication. While I was getting the Communication degree, I wrote for my alumni magazine, dipped my feet into advertising, took want ads at the local paper and even wrote obituaries. I was also a reporter at a small-town daily, but soon realized I didn’t have a true journalist’s instinct.

After that, I was busy being married and having children, but when my youngest was about a year and half old, I was standing in the shower when a scene popped into my head. Why does that always happen when you’re in the shower and you can’t get a pen and paper? Anyway, I got the soap out of my eyes, dried off and headed straight for the computer where I wrote it all down.

And boy, did it stink. Whew!

I’d been reading romance novels for years so I figured I should be able to write one, right?

Are you done laughing? Let me know when you’re finished.

Ok, then. It took about twenty false starts and a work I now call The-Regency-That-Wouldn’t-Die before I finally got disgusted with myself and started writing this funny little scene in a Louisiana cemetery.  That was the beginning of a completely new direction in paranormal romance.

Since then, I’ve published over a dozen paranormal and sci-fi romances, often based in mythology or folklore.

I’m a member of Romance Writers Of America and can usually be found at the bar during national conferences.


Weird Facts:

I’ve lived in five different countries and eight different states, but I’ve moved 33 times.

The longest period I ever spent at one address was my four years in college. Actually, I have to take that back now. We lived in St Louis for just over four years before moving to the Illinois side of the river.

I’m a former member of the Romance Novelist’s Association – the UK equivalent of RWA. The national conferences were wonderfully intimate, especially compared to the thousands of people who attend the RWA conference!

I’m a huge Boxer fan. We had Yukon for seven years before she died of cancer. Oliver is now eight years old and still acts like a puppy.



Foods – Risotto with Hoppin’ John, Pot Roast, Roast Chicken, Creole Shrimp Casserole, Lamb Tagine, Beef Stew with Dumplings, Pasta Carbonara.

I, um, like to eat. And I like to cook.

Clothes – T-shirt and jeans or evening gowns. There’s not much middle ground with me.

Movies – The Fifth Element, Star Wars 4-6, El Dorado, The Princess Bride, Love Actually

Books – To Kill A Mockingbird will always, always top my list of favorite books along with Jane Eyre and Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley. The rest of my keeper shelf is too long to list.