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Two stories in one book!

Mkhai Kerbasi is a former soldier running on luck’s fumes. He gambled and won, but he’s still in debt to the mob boss who runs Gizem, a glitzy, glamorous space station where all the shine hides a dark underworld. The only hand he’s got left to play is getting the mob boss’s daughter off the station… but how much of his heart is he willing to lose?

Silbe Otxoa is no pampered princess, even if her father is one of the most feared men in the ruined galaxy. Now that she’s embroiled in a desperate scheme to keep her family safe, she has to team up with a roguish smuggler who makes her want to bet on him with everything she’s got.

The two of them together might be able to beat the odds, if they can trust each other enough to lay their hearts on the table.



Zev sent Mirari Otxoa away years ago to protect her and their unborn daughter. Now that he’s rolling nothing but snake eyes, he needs to see them again, if only to say goodbye. But Mirari has no intention of walking away again from the man who’s always had her heart weighted in his favor.

Kindle ~ Nook ~ Apple ~ Kobo ~ Others