Who wants a teaser?

Here’s a snippet from THE WOLF WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD in the VIKINGS WILD antho.

Rig was sweating. Tear a diplomat a new asshole? Not a problem. Chase down an assassin? All in a day’s work.

Kiss the right woman? His fingers trembled.

In a split second, he had to make a command decision. Soft and gentle, working his way over to her lips? Strong and commanding, pushing forward, engines at full?

She pushed up onto her toes and took conscious choice away from him.

Mirea was tiny, a mere handful to him. He bent at the knees to meet her, and scooped her up with an arm under her ass. No groping, no squeezing. He needed to know her taste before any of that.

And her taste was exquisite. Honey, as he expected. Everything about her reminded him of encompassing sweetness, but there was something else about her that was dark and rich with a little spicy heat. Her soft lips opened under pressure and her slight moan passed between them.

Tiny, delicate hands settled on his shoulders and slid to his neck. He’d have thought such small fingers would tickle, but her touch wasn’t tentative in the least. She glided her hands firmly to his jaw, spurring him on.

He responded, sliding one hand up her spine until his fingers were buried in her warm, sweet-smelling hair. With a simple bend of his wrist, he guided her head to the side, giving him more room to move her where he wanted her.

Rig demanded more. He moved his tongue to taste and found it dueling with hers. He pushed forward, needing to be inside, devouring her mouth, giving her a taste of what was to come.

But she didn’t simply take, she gave back by swirling her tongue around his and sucking control away from him. The sensation shot through him, and his cock was harder than it had ever been. Fuck. He was losing his mind over this little human. And he still had an assassin to torture… interrogate… ask polite questions.


Final Fenrir Story Goes Live Tomorrow!!

I know.

I’m a little sad, too.

But the fourth and final Wolves of Fenrir story – THE WOLF WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD – goes live tomorrow in the VIKINGS WILD box set!


6 sexy paranormal and sci-fi Viking romances – just for you!

Here’s the blurb for THE WOLF WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD:

Rig sidUlfr wants peace on Earth. Literally. As the general in command of the Fenrir troops on Earth, his mission is to maintain the security of the planet in the aftermath of an intergalactic war. And if alien Axis terrorists would quit trying to kill him and the people he cares about, that would help, too.

Mirea Randolph is his human interpreter. She may speak half a dozen languages, but words won’t be enough to keep her and Rig safe. When an attempt is made on Rig’s life to derail the fragile peace process, she ends up involved in layers of deception she won’t be able to talk her way out of in any language. Diplomacy can’t cover corruption for long, and they need to root it out at the source.

Their attraction burns laser hot as they work to keep Earth safe from a new wave of enemy invasions. But once the job is done, will Rig have to go back into the cold alone, or will Mirea keep him warm?

Enjoy the story!!


Sneak peek from SILVER WOLF RISING

sfrb-showcasebannerWanna see a little hint of our silver haired hero, Niall sidKalvr?


He was going to have to shift. He hated shifting in front of people. He did it with his trainees once, right at the beginning, because it was good for them to be scared shitless, but with this woman… He didn’t want her to see him. He didn’t want her to see him as a cripple.

But danger was close, and the vargulf rose within him, silent and deadly as only a monster could be. Bone and muscle cracked and lengthened, giving him nearly three extra feet in height and a hundred pounds of bulk, delivered to his shoulders and thighs where they would do the most good.

The pelt stripe that was one of the distinguishing features of his race spread out from his spine to envelop his body in tough, dense, silver-tipped fur. His skull rippled as the bony plates shifted from their round form to an elongated shape that allowed for the growth of a lupine jaw. Viciously sharp fangs pushed aside blunt human teeth as claws sprang from his fingertips.

In vargulf, Niall was neither man nor wolf, but the true child of his ancestors – the Great Wolf Fenris and his Valkyrie mate, who had fled Asgard and the battle of Ragnarok, and traveled to make a home on a distant planet.

The shift was over in moments, and Niall felt the familiar lust for conquered blood sizzle in his veins. But before he could begin maiming and killing, there was one last thing he had to do. The thing that brought a bitter pang to the glory of his vargulf form.

His prosthesis had been fitted with an enhancement that was both measured to his battle form, and operable with clawed fingers. Three pressure points extended the limb with an almost inaudible click and triggered a release for extra supports to keep up with the change in his body mass.

For all that the new leg was tougher than bone, the weakness of his newly injured missing limb ripped at him. It made him a lesser warrior, an imperfect Fenris. He was ashamed that his woman, that anyone would see him like this. A three-legged dog.

But he had no choice. Even a crippled wolf could still fight, and he would fight to the death to protect her.


Amazon: http://amzn.to/2caB7kk

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2cEEYW0

Apple: http://apple.co/2cHNAwk

BN: http://bit.ly/2cndFMJ

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2cEGDLs


If you liked this snippet, try some other great SFR reads at http://sfrcontests.blogspot.com/p/sfr-brigade-presents.html

How I Use Pinterest In My Writing

Pinterest logo

One of my goals for this year was to study marketing very seriously, and I’ve been doing that. Along the way, I’ve found a lot of advice, some wacky, some great, so I’m picking and choosing. One of the bits I’ve found that has puzzled me was using Pinterest as a marketing tool for your writing.

Nah. I don’t see it.

I mean, I do use Pinterest. And I use it for writing, as well as personal stuff, but as marketing? Nope.

I was pretty embarrassed a while back when my Pinterest somehow got linked to my FB and everything I pinned was getting posted. And since I pin things in big batches, I must have been slamming people with post after post. I got it sorted immediately, but it did turn me off the link between pinning things and selling things. It was just…too much.

But back to how I DO use Pinterest. First, y’all know what Pinterest is, right? The way I use it, it’s sort of a scrapbook of images other people have uploaded to the site that catch my eye, or inform me, or help me visualize something. You can sort all those images into different boards, like cutting pictures out of a magazine and sticking them into different folders. And if you find someone who posts a lot of things you like, you can follow one board in particular, or you can follow all that person’s boards.

As a writer, I have the expected sorts of boards about book nerdiness and books I like.

But I also have a board for Nerd Love – all my fandom geekouts, lots of pictures of Avengers and Sherlock, and people generally talking about nerds and science stuff.

I have boards for each of the stories and series I’ve written, or am in the process of writing.

But I also have a board about Vintage Style because I have a minor obsession with 1940s glamour and fashion. That’s separate from my Façonnable board, which features pretty much any type of clothing or shoe that I find beautiful. And that’s different from my Bijoux board, which is all about jewelry.

I have a board called Writers Write, and another about the Business of Writing. I have another one that’s just Characters – people, expressions, and moments that catch my eye. I may never use any of them, but they’re interesting.

And then there’s the board about Chickens. Because…chickens.

My favorite board are the ones about Fairytales and Russian Folklore!

The point is, I use Pinterest in a variety of ways. Yes, some of them are directly related to writing. The boards for my stories are full of pictures of the people I use as models for my characters.

I’m not a very observant person. I don’t think I notice things that others do, particularly in appearance. I once wrote an entire novella and never once mentioned what the heroine looked like except, I think, she was built like a brick ****house. Yes, I had The Commodores in my head for most of that story. And yes, I had to go back and layer in description because it was needed. Ever since then, I find pictures of people who more or less resemble the character in my head, and use them for description.

My current wip that features an older H/h in my Wolves of Fenrir series. While I haven’t found quite the right picture of the heroine, it turns out that this picture of Liam Neeson was a great model for my hero. Of all the pictures I looked through of all kinds of men, this one had just the right look and feel for the character.

That picture turned into this description:

His face was nothing but broad, flat planes, except for his nose, long and hawkish. It was a nose with great character, she thought. It had been broken once or twice, and not set properly because there was a distinct bump in the middle, and it canted a bit to the left.

The nano-armor he wore left little to the imagination, and she let her gaze wander down a chin that looked like it had had a few fingers broken on it, over the strong column of his neck, to a set of broad shoulders. He wasn’t bulky, but there wasn’t a soldier on this ship who wasn’t in fighting trim. And despite his age, this man looked as though he could still take out a squad of warriors half his age.

I also find places or pictures that speak to me about a moment. This quote, for instance, is perfect for that same story.

Isn’t that perfect for an older heroine?

Now, there are issues with using Pinterest. For instance, I don’t have any kind of permission to share the above image, but meme’d Tumblr posts in that format are typically designed for sharing, not to mention that it’s got at least some attribution. A lot of pins don’t even have that much, and it can be impossible to ever find out the original source.

I would have shared a photo of Liam Neeson, but it’s not mine to share. The link takes you to my pin, which comes from IMDB.

Pinterest and copyright law can make for a total quagmire of legal problems, and those can come back to bite you hard on the ass you if you choose to share copyrighted images on your website or FB of what-have-you. I know authors who eschew* Pinterest entirely because it’s not worth the potential legal hassle. I keep my Pinterest pictures on Pinterest, and almost never share pins anywhere else. (Obviously, I just used one here, so “almost never.”)

Overall, I find Pinterest extremely useful for me as a writer for finding inspiration and information. Plus, AWESOME procrastination tool because…chickens!

*I never get to use the word ‘eschew.’ Yay for obscure word opportunities!

Where did January go?!?


I don’t understand. How can it be the last week of January, and I’m ALREADY behind?!?

That might be a bit of an exaggeration. But I’m taking a workshop from the wondrous Zoe York about building a series, and one of her most recent assignments was to plan out release dates for the each book. And I looked around at what I already had planned for the year, added in some padding for how really, terribly slow I am, and figured that I could have two, maybe three of five books completely written and edited by March 2017, and then release one every 3 months after that. But to do that, I have to be very, very far ahead of the game.

So I’m not behind yet, but I just took a week off to do nothing but read. It was awesome. I read some amazing books, and some that I couldn’t finish at all, but that’s how it goes. Here are some of the best of the crop:

Edge of Obsession | Megan Crane:

Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane: Post-apocalyptic, quasi-Viking society with an edge of motorcycle club roughness that hit all the right notes. I’ll be first in line when the next one comes out.










Girl From Above by Pippa Dacosta: This is more sci-fi urban fantasy than sci-fi romance, although there’s a definite romance thread to it. I love the grittiness of the characters, and the conflicts that run through the plot. Just waiting on the 4th book to finish out the series.







Shifter Planet by D.B. Reynolds: This was an action-adventure romance that held a lot of appeal for me. The hero and heroine work well together, which I’ve discovered is a big thing for me. I like books where the main characters can demonstrate that they’re a good team, instead of a constant pushing away and refusal to cooperate. (Ok, I like those, too, sometimes.) But if these two characters *didn’t* cooperate, they’d die, so there’s a lot riding on them working with each other’s strengths.

Welcome Home, Ziggy Stardust

I could begin this post one of two ways.

I can hang my head in shame at what a terrible, inconsistent blogger I am, and promise to mend my ways (again).

Or I can say, “I blogged! That’s a thing I accomplished today! And if I’m very organized and thoughtful, and put it in my planner (which I have), I’ll blog again in a couple of weeks!”

I like the second one. Let’s go with that. 🙂

First, yesterday we found out that David Bowie has passed. There are a lot of wonderful tributes out there, but I find I like these two the best:

If you're ever sadDavid Bowie FreakSo…Goodbye to my Starman, my Goblin King, my Hero.

Now, one of the things I particularly appreciated about the clipping of Bowie being a freak is that I, personally, have a hard time being photographed. It’s just not something I enjoy because I am hyper-critical of my appearance. I know. Shocker, right?

But I’m working on it. Elizabeth Donald told me I HAD to have an author photo to go with my interview on the LITERARY UNDERWORLD site, which you should totally go read because it’s fun and I hint at what projects I have on deck for this year.

So last week, I went out with Jessica Barnard to a local university library, where they have a beautiful collection of Louis H Sullivan’s architectural doo-dads, and got my pitcher took.

This is me. Untouched. No fixing up, no tweaking. Now, I’ll probably have some of that done to just polish up the rough edges. You know, make it all official looking. But this is just … me.


Happy 2016!

I’m in audio!

I had some excitement today. 🙂

Some time ago, I decided to put my super-short story, THE SLEEPER DREAMED, in audio – just as an experiment. I found a terrific narrator, Ellie Davis, and we worked on the story until it was right where we wanted it.

Today, it finally showed up on Amazon!

I’m totally geeked that I have an audiobook now! Go check it out!




So I’m really far behind in posting what’s been going on.

If y’all remember A WOLF TO WATCH OVER ME (and honestly, how could you forget?), that was supposed to be a stand-alone short. I originally wrote it for the LOVE IS… anthology, then released it on its own.

Well, in July – actually, on the day it released – I got a message from Zoe York, asking if I wanted to be in a Vikings box set with her, Kate Pearce, Anne Marsh, Crystal Jordan, Dayna Hart and Holley Trent.

Umm, yes! Because the answer when someone asks you to write something is ALWAYS yes! But they wanted the story to be in a world that already had a story. WOLF already had some Viking overtones – they’re the Fenrir, there’s a definite Norse thread throughout the character development, and they’re a warrior culture. So I wrote a second Fenrir story.

A MOST WANTED VIKING is set in the same world, and the characters from the first story play a strong secondary role. A MOST WANTED VIKING is a much sexier novella, where the first story is short and sweet.

Not that you need a reason to read more of these terrific authors, but here’s a quick blurb for A MOST WANTED VIKING.

A spy and a werewolf walk into a firefight…

Andrew Wyatt thinks all he has to do is bring a scientist back into the fold. He doesn’t count on a sizzling hot alien wolf shifter getting in his way, and getting under his skin.

The last thing Ule tärEinar needs is a tall blond spy interfering with her life. She may not trust Andrew, but that doesn’t stop the sparks from flying around them.

Once they learn to trust, they’ll need each other to survive an invasion that could draw their two allied cultures into a war neither can afford.



Available at Amazon | BN | iBooks | Kobo

And I’ve just started writing the 3rd Fenrir story that will tentatively come out next spring!


I’m so pleased to be able to say that my short sci-fi romance, A WOLF TO WATCH OVER ME released today!!

Wolf to Watch Over Me Cover Final High ResolutionIn a future Earth, sometimes the Big Bad Wolf is the good guy. Hakon sidUlfr , a wolf shifter from another world, is better at killing than guarding, but quiet physicist Lauren Ivers will need all of his skills if they’re going to live through the day.

Lauren should be at home, reading and eating take-out. Instead, she’s on the run with the bodyguard she didn’t know she had in a desperate bid to get off the planet before she becomes a casualty in an intergalactic cold war.

Hakon’s deep instinct to protect the smart-mouthed scientist keeps her alive, but will she stay with him once his duty is done?

You can purchase your copy for $.99 at your favorite online retailer!





And as long as I have your attention, I would LOVE it if you could drop a review at Amazon or Goodreads! Thank you in advance!