Every year, I tell myself, “This is the year I’m going to be a better blogger!”

Yeah, right.

I’m not even going to try to fool myself this year.

About the best I can do is tell you that I AM writing.

I am not writing sweet, though. Yes, I *will* write a sweet PNR this year, the first Volshev novella for those of you who enjoyed my Nocturne Falls Universe stories.

But right now, I’m writing something that’s a lot closer to the stories that trip off my fingers, which tend to be … earthier. There’s fighting, there’s sex, and my hero has dropped the f-bomb more than a dozen times in the first fifteen pages.

It’s been a weird couple of years. In 2017, I put out 3 novellas and a short story. I was a machine!

2018 didn’t work out that way. The story I had intended to publish in the spring didn’t come out until November. And when it did, it was a completely different story. The monstrous thing I finished in March was an abomination. It was, by all measures, bad. I refused to let it off my hard drive. It was unworthy.

Honestly, that shook me. It took the rest of the summer to re-gird my loins and try again. Magic’s Crown was the story that emerged from those ashes, and it was far more the story that I had intended to write.

In addition, I’d been struggling all year with the direction I wanted for my career. Did I want to write sweet? Y’all love sweet! Sweet readers are a wonderful audience!

But after 5 stories and the awful doubt that had swamped me while writing Magic’s Crown, I needed a break.

So I’ll be writing on both sides of the sweet/steamy fence. Right now, ’tis the season for, as I said, somewhat earthier stories. But I can tell already that the seed of the sweet Volshev story is growing.

I’m not sure exactly how my year will play out, but I’m looking forward to the variety. I hope you’ll enjoy what comes!

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