Happy New Year!

Whew. We survived that one.

And look, a whole new year stretches out before us, unsullied, pure, pristine.

Big plans for the year? Have you got them mapped out already?

I know I do. My calendar filled up with writing, editing, and launch plans back in November and December. Today feels like “Go time!”

My big plan for 2018 is to finish 2 more NFU novellas, then 1 short and 2-3 novels in a new series that I hope y’all will love!

I should also, y’know, lose some weight and get fit and all that jazz. I’ve been doing the low-carb diet for about a month and it’s actually working, although I miss having real sugar in my coffee, and there are days when I would kill for a piece of warm, buttered toast. But I can forego them for a while until I get where I want to be.

Tell me what your big plans are for the year. What are you ready to go after?

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