So…. I have a new story out.

Yay! It’s a short in the MERRY & BRIGHT Christmas anthology from the Nocturne Falls Universe. I really enjoyed writing this “seasoned” romance (that means the characters are a little older) and I really, really enjoyed writing my hero, who totally looks like Idris Elba in my head. Swoon!

Magic’s Frost

Lonely werewolf Dima Samarin looks forward to watching his favorite winter elf every morning at the Hallowed Bean. He rescues her unfinished novel from the perils of spilled cocoa, and becomes her hero.

Elin Bergstrom’s day job is at Santa’s Workshop, but she secretly writes sci-fi novels on the side. She accepts Dima’s invitation to the Christmas Ball, but when their date gets derailed by a drug deal gone bad, this elf isn’t about to stay on her shelf.

Sometimes a werewolf can use a little helpful frost magic to win the day, and save their date.

It was a neat little break for a quick and fun story about two new characters, while I still got to bring in some of the characters I’d created in previous Magic books, as well as some of Kristen’s original characters, all with a Russian twist!

Enjoy these little bites of the NFU this winter season!

Happy holidays!!

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