It’s been a little crazy here at Casa Carsen.

First, and really most important, we got new dogs!

A pair of 2yo Boxers that we named Linus and Lucy are now part of our family!


I’m pretty sure there couldn’t be two cuter dogs anywhere!

Lucy’s the fawn and the Linus is the brindle. She’s super friendly and outgoing, but she pushes him around a lot and steals his toys. Linus is more reserved, but I think he might be smarter.

Maaiken, the cat, is pretty unhappy right now, but she’s also fairly feisty. I think they’ll all figure it out before long.

And now, to business!

First up, the final Wolves of Fenrir novella, THE WOLF WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD.

Rig sidUlfr wants peace on Earth.


As the general in command of the Fenrir troops on Earth, his mission is to maintain the security of the planet in the aftermath of an intergalactic war. And if alien Axis terrorists would quit putting his new, distractingly attractive interpreter in the line of fire, that would be great.

Mirea Randolph may speak half a dozen languages, but words won’t be enough to keep her and Rig safe. It seems like every time she gets her red lipstick on him, another attack occurs. With constant attempts to derail the fragile peace process, she ends up involved in layers of deception she won’t be able to talk her way out of in any language.

This story was previously published in the “Vikings Wild” anthology, which is no longer available. But you can snag it on its own if you already have the others in the series! You can find the links here.

But if you haven’t picked up any of the previous stories, you might just want to grab the entire set in the WOLVES OF FENRIR BOX SET!

All four of the Wolves of Fenrir stories in one volume! This contains

A Wolf to Watch Over Me

A Most Wanted Wolf

Silver Wolf Rising

The Wolf Who Came In From the Cold

By the year 2225, humans have come a long way. Broadening Earth’s frontiers into the galaxy means taking a crash course in inter-alien relations, and humans are – mostly – embracing their new allies.

The Fenrir are Viking descendants of the Great Wolf of Norse myth – heroes and heroines from across the galaxy who have returned to Earth to help keep our planet safe.

A physicist and an assassin, a spy and a mechanic, an old soldier and a weaver, a general and an interpreter – fall in love and run into danger with all of them as they face down an enemy threat that could plunge the Earth back into a war to end everything.

You can find the links here.


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