*Excited author flail!*

This book was a challenge – literally – someone on Romance Divas said, “Why don’t we see more books with older heroes and heroines? Let’s write some!”

So I did. 🙂 After all, surely some of the characters in my Wolves of Fenrir series had parents or mentors or…y’know, old people in their lives. *gg*

God. Remember when we used to say things like that? And now we’re the old people? Except I just don’t feel that old. Maybe it’s the nerd t-shirts and Chucks that keep me young. So what if I have to put arch supports in my Chucks? Those things are flat. That doesn’t make me old. Does it?

Anyway, it’s time for some of that silver hair to shimmer in the sun. Or in the blackness of space.


Hot, silver-haired Viking, wolf-shifter hero, heroine with a streak of gray and a streak of stubborn, plus an alien invasion – what more could you ask for?

Fate couldn’t have picked a worse moment to bring two lonely souls together.

Berserker warrior and drill sergeant Niall is being forced to retire from the Fenrir Army he’s faithfully served for most of his life. Miserable and bitter, he’s on the pack ship, waiting for a transport back to his home planet to be a farmer. Until trouble steps right on his prosthetic foot just as all Hel breaks loose.

Widowed Dagny is on the pack ship waiting for a transport down to Earth, searching for a new purpose in this next phase of her life — one that isn’t centered around her grown children. But her new plans definitely don’t involve following a cranky old soldier into the dark to survive.

When enemy Axis powers invade the ship, blasting up the heat on a cold war, Niall and Dagny have to team up to save themselves and their shipmates, and to explore the lifescent that is drawing them together.

Together for now, but will fate be enough to keep them that way after the battle is over?


Amazon: http://amzn.to/2caB7kk
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2cEEYW0
Apple: http://apple.co/2cHNAwk
BN: http://bit.ly/2cndFMJ
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2cEGDLs

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