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He was going to have to shift. He hated shifting in front of people. He did it with his trainees once, right at the beginning, because it was good for them to be scared shitless, but with this woman… He didn’t want her to see him. He didn’t want her to see him as a cripple.

But danger was close, and the vargulf rose within him, silent and deadly as only a monster could be. Bone and muscle cracked and lengthened, giving him nearly three extra feet in height and a hundred pounds of bulk, delivered to his shoulders and thighs where they would do the most good.

The pelt stripe that was one of the distinguishing features of his race spread out from his spine to envelop his body in tough, dense, silver-tipped fur. His skull rippled as the bony plates shifted from their round form to an elongated shape that allowed for the growth of a lupine jaw. Viciously sharp fangs pushed aside blunt human teeth as claws sprang from his fingertips.

In vargulf, Niall was neither man nor wolf, but the true child of his ancestors – the Great Wolf Fenris and his Valkyrie mate, who had fled Asgard and the battle of Ragnarok, and traveled to make a home on a distant planet.

The shift was over in moments, and Niall felt the familiar lust for conquered blood sizzle in his veins. But before he could begin maiming and killing, there was one last thing he had to do. The thing that brought a bitter pang to the glory of his vargulf form.

His prosthesis had been fitted with an enhancement that was both measured to his battle form, and operable with clawed fingers. Three pressure points extended the limb with an almost inaudible click and triggered a release for extra supports to keep up with the change in his body mass.

For all that the new leg was tougher than bone, the weakness of his newly injured missing limb ripped at him. It made him a lesser warrior, an imperfect Fenris. He was ashamed that his woman, that anyone would see him like this. A three-legged dog.

But he had no choice. Even a crippled wolf could still fight, and he would fight to the death to protect her.



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