I could begin this post one of two ways.

I can hang my head in shame at what a terrible, inconsistent blogger I am, and promise to mend my ways (again).

Or I can say, “I blogged! That’s a thing I accomplished today! And if I’m very organized and thoughtful, and put it in my planner (which I have), I’ll blog again in a couple of weeks!”

I like the second one. Let’s go with that. 🙂

First, yesterday we found out that David Bowie has passed. There are a lot of wonderful tributes out there, but I find I like these two the best:

If you're ever sadDavid Bowie FreakSo…Goodbye to my Starman, my Goblin King, my Hero.

Now, one of the things I particularly appreciated about the clipping of Bowie being a freak is that I, personally, have a hard time being photographed. It’s just not something I enjoy because I am hyper-critical of my appearance. I know. Shocker, right?

But I’m working on it. Elizabeth Donald told me I HAD to have an author photo to go with my interview on the LITERARY UNDERWORLD site, which you should totally go read because it’s fun and I hint at what projects I have on deck for this year.

So last week, I went out with Jessica Barnard to a local university library, where they have a beautiful collection of Louis H Sullivan’s architectural doo-dads, and got my pitcher took.

This is me. Untouched. No fixing up, no tweaking. Now, I’ll probably have some of that done to just polish up the rough edges. You know, make it all official looking. But this is just … me.


Happy 2016!

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