I’m fortunate to live near the location for ARCHON, a small yearly fan-con not too far from St Louis. Last year, I popped in for the first time, just to look around. A couple of friends from a local writer’s group are part of an author co-op that does a table there. They travel to lots of different cons and sell books. And now that I have actual books in print, I thought it was time for me to start participating.

2015-10-01 18.03.26


If you’re going to be part of an author co-op, you need to show up to things, right? So for the first time, I went to a fan-con. And I wore a costume. Kind of. I call it “Steampunk Lite.”

Archon Day 1The trouble with wearing black boots, leggings and skirt is that…it’s all black so you can’t tell what’s what. But trust me, it was cute. 🙂 That’s my first corset, too. Very fun to wear.

Anyway, I had an absolute blast, saw lots of great costumes, met lots of neat people and loads of other authors, and generally had fun. I’m totally going back next year, too.


  1. My first con as well, I think I recall seeing you–I was a guy with a shaved head and goatee, always carrying a bookbag . . .

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