Yes, bloglets, it’s been a very long since I was first published. Now, let me get my cane and we’ll hobble over to the rocking chair on the porch while I tell you a story. I can shake my cane at the neighbor kids on my lawn while I talk.

Lo, these many years ago…about 8 years, in fact, I was on the cusp of seeing my very first novella published by Samhain Publishing, courtesy of the vision of Angela James who took pity on me when she saw how gifted I was at shoving my foot in my mouth.

Not Quite Dead was the story I wrote when I finally hit the wall with The-Regency-That-Wouldn’t-Die. A quirky little thing that unfolded to me day by day until it finished itself back in the days when there was just one trad publisher who would even look at novellas from unknown writers. (RIP Kate Duffy, who wrote me a personal rejection letter that I still have.)

I was on a roll. After Not Quite Dead, I wrote constantly and published several more stories within the next 4-5 years. Then life hit. Hard. DH retired from the military. We moved. He got downsized from his civilian job, but found a better one. My mom moved in with us and had to go through several surgeries. We moved again. One child cracked from the stress, so we homeschooled for 2 1/2 years.

But not even valleys last forever.

The requisite 7 years of my contract passed and the rights to NQD reverted to me. Whereupon I simply sat on the story for several months thinking, “I should really self-publish that puppy and see what happens. Eh. Mañana.” Y mañana y mañana y mañana.

With Shawntelle Madison kicking my butt the whole way, I finally contacted Kim Killion of Hot Damn Designs and she made a gorgeous new cover for me. Then Shawntelle did my formatting while I whimpered in the corner.

I started a DBA and a business account and wrote a business plan. And this week, I finally wrestled Kindle and Nook and Kobo and D2D into submission and started the uploading process.

Everything is finally ready to go.

So after almost 8 years and a hiatus of half that length, I give you…


Available at Amazon ~ ~ Kobo ~ iBooks

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