Have you ever noticed that those moments right after your brain realizes it’s awake are a fertile breeding ground for bizarre thoughts? My first thought this morning was about Morgan Freeman.

It occurred to me that it’s no surprise when he gets cast as father-figures or God or god-like figures. We trust him. Do you know WHY we trust him? Because he taught us to read.

I actually remember his voice sounding out words on that long-ago show, The Electric Company. He and Rita Moreno were shadow silhouettes, sounding out phonemes together until they blended and made a word. And for serious? I would totally lay down my cloak for Rita Moreno to walk over a puddle.

But if Morgan Freeman ever runs for God or Guy Who Makes Gotham An Awesome Place to Live or something like that, I’m in.

  1. Wow, well spotted! I loved that show but had no idea he was involved.
    And hi, by the way — I knew you years ago on the Divas website. Glad to see you’re still writing. I gave up on fiction but got into poetry a bit recently.

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