Oh. My. God.

This is nearly as bad as Twilight. I cannot go anywhere right now – online or off – without someone gushing over these books and/or this movie. And I’m one of those backwardsly obstinate people who will resist in direct or greater proportion to the amount of encouragement I receive to get in on whatever the latest craze is.

So if you, too, are sick of this nonsense, you may find a safe spot on this blog for getting on with your life without Katniss and Peeta (really? All the names in the universe and that’s the one she chose?) and whatever else is up with this story.


  1. I agree. I was thinking about buying the Stephanie Plum series books but now, with the movie out, I don’t want to touch them. I can’t stand who they ended up picking for the characters and it totally ruins it for me. 🙁 With Hunger Games, I have seen them everywhere and they sound interesting but with all the hype (just like Twilight) I probably will never read them.

    • Actually, I have to recommend the Stephanie Plum novels – at least the first several of them. I probably won’t see the movie because I think they lost their chance at awesome when they didn’t do it years ago and cast Sandra Bullock and Vin Diesel, but oh well.

      • Oh I’ve read most of those novels except the last 2 I think but with all the buzz about them, it just makes me lose interest. I have read up until book 15 and the little extra ones she put out, but I haven’t gotten around to reading the last couple.

        • I loved the first several, but then she waffled and wibbled over which guy to choose for so long that I lost interest. Then she picked the wrong one! *gg*

  2. Another vote for the anti-hype crowd.

    I mean, I just finished Sherry Thomas Private Arrangements yesterday, if that gives you an idea of how against the crowd I am. (Never mind that I’m cursing myself for an idiot–it’s an amazing book!)

    • I, umm, still haven’t read it. And I’ve owned it since it came out! That’s terrible, I know.

      Once I dig it out of a box, I’ll put it at the top of my TBR pile.

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