I totally would have done that SOPA blackout thing yesterday, but let’s face it. The last time I tried to update my sidebar, I broke my website for over a year. I think it was safest for me to just not mess with anything.

Anyhoo (Can you believe I actually say that? I do. It’s a little embarrassing.) what’s up with y’all?

I’m surrounded by pestilence and plague. Monkey Boy was sick last week. Mom and the Monkey Princess are sick this week. I suspect that Monkey Princess’s illness is conveniently timed to get her another day to work on an assignment, but she’s also been feeling iffy for the last few days and is genuinely ill, bless her little heart.

I’ve been writing! I know I say that a lot, but after the drought of the last couple of years, I’m still kind of amazed by it. When I can’t make another move on the Steampunk, I twiddle with other little bits and bobs of things I’ve done to see if they could use some sprucing up. It feels good to write.

So now that the one child is safely at school and the diseased ones are resting, it’s time for me to write some more!

  1. Well, it’s not really safe yet–but most places are back from behind the courtain. (Here’s hoping we stay that way)

    I’m so glad you are writing again! *waiting as patiently as possible*

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